Each Plant Design vendor has its own proprietary format for storing Plant Models, and there are not common standards. Nevertheless models of different formats can be automatically converted, using suitable tools. That means not only the conversion of the graphic model, but also every aspect of the model itself: Component Catalog, Material Specifications, etc.



3D EPLANT models can be automatically converted to PDMS format with the EPLANT-PDMS system.

Original EPLANT Model Model Converted to PDMS

This system allows to import a Component Catalog and Piping Specifications from the PDMS format, define the mapping between both PDMS and EPLANT catalogs and automatically create the equivalent information in EPLANT format. 3D models generated with EPLANT can be automatically exported to PDMS.

EPLANT-PDMS Converter Demo. Duration 5 minutes.


Last updated December 21, 2012.