EPLANT-P&ID is a computer aided design system to draw Process and Instrumentation Diagrams, process Flow Diagrams and to automatically obtain Line, Equipment, Instrument, Fitting and Valve lists from the diagrams.
The system is built as a graphic application running on AutoCAD 2004-2018, ZWCAD+ 2012, 2014 SP1, 2015 SP2.1 and BricsCAD V17 integrated with a data base module. Top of page



EPLANT-P&ID has been designed draw Process Diagrams using a symbol library and to automate the report generation from diagrams.

The data base module works with an off line copy of the diagrams contents which is automatically kept updated. The simple way the graphic files interact with the data base module, assures great consistency in report generation and allows to automatically integrating hundreds of diagrams of the same project.

All graphic files produced with EPLANT-P&ID are 100% compatible with the native AutoCAD format and thus can be opened and plotted with AutoCAD or ZWCAD alone.

EPLANT P&ID diagrams can also be automatically linked with External Documents in any format and an External Table with any kind of information.

The system is easy to install both for single and multiuser environments, easy to learn and easy to use.Top of page



EPLANT-P&ID uses a large graphic symbol library, modifiable by the user. Symbols inserted on flow lines automatically orientate themselves, break the lines and associate with it. Symbols are selected from icon menus.

Define New Equipment

Draw Line

Control Valve Insertion

The user can specify which information is automatically copied to the data base module: each class of objects in the diagrams has defined the information that is extracted from the graphic and where it is stored in the data base module. The user can modify: the Line numbering format, the Tag format associated to Instruments and Valves, what information is transferred from the Flow Diagrams to Line and Equipments lists, all listing formats. Top of page



Identification text in P&IDs is loaded into the graphic file as attributes. Powerful attribute utility commands working on lots of attributes at the time increase drafting productivity well beyond AutoCAD commands.

Stream and equipment data are stored in Flow Diagrams as TEXT elements arranged in tables. The user can change table formats at will, giving maximum drawing flexibility. Top of page



EPLANT-P&ID allows to easily define and modify topology (path of a flowline, etc.) and connectivity (source and destination of a line, line or equipment associated to an instrument, references to other diagrams, etc.) at any stage of the drawing.

Line Ends Definition

Symbols are automatically associated to the Lines and Equipments over which they are drawn. Specially designed commands allow any kind of interactive checking.

Component, Equipment and Line Query

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The system allows to reference end lines that are not inside the diagram sheet drawn in each graphic file, using special End Continuation Boxes. It automatically verifies the consistency among different sheets.

Line Continuation Box

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The data base module is used to automatically integrate all P&IDs and Flow Diagrams of the same project, to load in the listing additional information not stored in the graphics, to generate reports and to generate Data Sheets. The following reports can be obtained:

The user can modify the type of the information that is automatically extracted from the graphics as well as which information is added to each listing.

Data Sheets can also be generated using Excel Templates and automatically filling in the relevant data:

Instrument Data Sheet

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Data can only be modified in its source place. For example, the line number and their ends must be modified in the corresponding P&ID, while other parameters related to the same line that are directly loaded in the data base must be modified there.
Information uniqueness is important to ensure consistency through the different project documents.
Equipment and stream information contained in Flow Diagrams are automatically merged into P&ID data bases. Information is stored in only one place, but referenced, for convenience, in many different documents at a time. Top of page



P&IDs can be linked with External Files in any format. Available elements in the models that can be linked are: Equipments, Piping Lines and any piping Component with a TAG attribute.

The link is automatically established by the file (or files) name equal to the Tag in the model or by means of an association table. Selecting an element in the model, if there is at least one linked file it can be automatically opened.

Component with associated External Files

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Reports generated by EPLANT-P&ID can be used by the EPLANT-Piping module to define new Piping Lines and Equipments and to check 3D Models against process diagrams.

EPLANT-P&ID allows also generating an Estimated Material Take Off that can be used by the EPLANT-Piping module to generate preliminary material requisitions. Top of page



EPLANT-P&ID allows to automatically convert an existing diagram, made with any other similar system or with AutoCAD only, in a EPLANT-P&ID compatible format. Depending on the diagram origin, an additional semi automatical operation can be required. In this way existing diagrams can be used.

Text -> Line Conversion

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A Web License is also available with a duration of one year. To be able to use this type of license, an internet connection is required and the license itself is activated in a given machine, although it can be moved to another machine afterward.
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For further information download and install the EPLANT-P&ID Full Version, and browse through the User Manual and the Multimedia Tutorial for autotraining.

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Last updated May 27, 2017.