EPLANT-STH is a computer aided design system to generate 3D parametric models of Structures, Cable Trays, HVAC and automatic MTO. Fully integrated in the AutoCAD/ZWCAD environment the COPY, MOVE, DELETE and MIRROR commands can be used without any restriction.

Plan views can either be generated by EPLANT-STH as well as with EPLANT-Piping.

The material take off is automatically done, as well as the weight and painting area calculation.

This module is full compatible with EPLANT-Piping used to generate piping and equipment models.

Detailed Description of current 2017.0 Version.

History of Changes in Older Versions.

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Last updated May 28, 2017.

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Animated Demo
It is a general presentation about the system. It shows a typical working session in both the Graphic and Data Base modules.
Duration: 11 minutes.
Dec 18, 2008 2670
For AutoCAD 2004-2018, ZWCAD+ 2012, ZWCAD+ 2014 SP1, ZWCAD+ 2015 SP2.1 and BricsCAD V17 (BricsCAD in beta version).
It is a Full Version: needs a hard-lock or a Web License in case of Leasing. Also Included: User Manual and Multimedia Training Tutorial.
You can request a Web License free of charge for a month for testing Request Web License for testing.
sthe_2017.exe May 28, 2017 20728