For Basic EPLANT training please refer to the EPLANT Tutorials that are available upon the installation of each module. Each Tutorial guides the user in the developing of a simple project and can be used as reference also. User Manuals in PDF format are also available.

A new trainig option will be made available online soon without charge. It is based on high quality structured commented videos. It will allow to attain a high quality autonomous training.
Tutorials and videos are also available directly from the Help dialog boxes in most of the commands.

Paid EPLANT training courses are available in Buenos Aires (Argentina), São Paulo (Brasil), Mexico DF (Mexico), Bangalore and Mumbai (India).



Although EPLANT setup time and effort for a new project are low compared to other plant design systems, we provide a Complete Project Setup Service to help customers speed up their projects. We supply the following services:

To receive a quotation, send us a copy of your Piping Specs in any format, the Dimensional Catalog in case some or all Piping Classes are not defined in the current EPLANT Dimensional Catalog, any custom defined material report needed in the project, any other required configuration. Just to give you an order of magnitude, for standard Specifications we charge us$200 per Piping Class.


Last updated July 13, 2014.