This document is a component of the EPLANT-Piping Training Platform and contains the training material for EPLANT-Piping Version 2015.0 Advanced Tutorial.

The Tutorial is intended to train an EPLANT Administrator to master all details needed to Setup a New Project, load Piping Specifications, create New Dimensional Catalogs, customize Material Reports and more.

Basic knowledge of AutoCAD or ZWCAD is required, along with the training supplied with the Basic Tutorial

You can use the browser of your choice, but it is best viewed with either Windows Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.


EPLANT-Piping features are grouped in broad categories shown in the first level of the menu tree. Readers can either follow the sequential order from the beginning or directly look for a specific topic.

This tutorial has animations generated recording real working sessions. Each video is marked with an icon to its left and will appear in a new window of the active browser:
Test Flash Plug In (3 sec)

Total duration of the videos in this Tutorial is 2 hours and 21 minutes.



Components of the EPLANT-Piping Training Platform are:


Last updated July 15, 2015.