This document is a component of the EPLANT-Piping Training Platform and contains the training material for EPLANT-Piping Version 2017.0 Basic Tutorial.

The Tutorial is intended to train mechanical designers and drafters to the use of EPLANT-Piping, without the need of a human instructor.

Basic knowledge of AutoCAD or ZWCAD is required.

You can use the browser of your choice, but it is best viewed with either Windows Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.


EPLANT-Piping features are grouped in broad categories shown in the first level of the menu tree. If this is your first contact with EPLANT-Piping it is advisable to follow the sequential order from the beginning otherwise directly look for a specific topic.

Simple examples are also developed to put everything in context.

This tutorial has animations generated recording real working sessions. Each video is marked with an icon to its left and will appear in a new window of the active browser:
Test Flash Plug In (3 sec)

Total duration of the videos in this Tutorial is 3 hours and 34 minutes. However you will probably need much more time to study this material as you may stop the videos and play it again over difficult points as to really understand the concepts or while trying to replicate yourself what you are watching.
Taking personal notes is also encouraged as a way to fix concepts.

EPLANT-Piping si compatible with AutoCAD, ZWCAD and BricsCAD. Videos in this tutorial have been recorded using both ZWCAD+ 2012 and ZWCAD+ 2014 SP1. Working with any version of AutoCAD, ZWCAD or BricsCAD is exactly the same.



Components of the EPLANT-Piping Training Platform are:


Last updated May 25, 2017.