EPLANT-Piping V 5.1


The more important changes with respect version 5.0 are detailed below.

AutoCAD 2000 / 2000i / 2002
Compatible with AutoCAD release 15 english or localized versions. It is the only platform supported by the current version.

Isometric Extraction
This command has been enhanced to automatically generate complete isometrics with MTO, Dimensions, Annotations, sheet continuations (in case of automatic sheet cut) and continuity with other lines and equipment nozzles. The Dimension Criteria is now very sophisticated (it draws also projections) and an Automatic Annotation command has been added. A new command allows to automatically rebuilding notes when the isometric view is changed.

Connectivity between Lines and Equipments
It is now totally automatic allowing connectivity between lines and equipments in the isometric extraction.

Connectivity check
The interface has been changed, to be more user friendly. It shows also the connectivity between lines and equipments contained in the same drawing file or in an attached one.

Interference check
The interface has been enhanced and the spurious detection of interference with inclined lines can be avoided.

Cut Elbows
During the isometric extraction symbols for cut elbows are automatically defined using half elbow symbols, to guarantee a perfect appearance.

Additional Documentation
A Multimedia Tutorial is now available, for the system training.

Evaluation Version
The graphic module used without the hard-lock runs in Evaluation Version, with some basic limitations and free of charge.

Installation has been simplified and automated.

New PDLs
There are new definitions for flanges and valves.

Command enhancements and error corrections
Some existing command have been enhanced: component rotate in isometrics modifies the text position in dimensioning when rotated, component name shows the component size, no more secundary diameter in active parameters, new utility to copy additional codes from other project.



AutoCAD 2000
Compatible with AutoCAD release 15 english and any other language. It is the only platform supported by this version.

3D Components Definitions
All components have now a parametric definition using a file in PDL format. The PDL language has been enhanced to support a more sophisticated syntax. They are not compatible with previous PDL format. External view extraction, if defined, is now inside the PDL files.

Equipment Parametric Definition
Equipments can now be parametrically defined. The user can create new definitions, including piping components.

Isometric Extraction
This command has been enhanced. During the extraction the isometric can be generated completed with MTO, Format, Header, Cut in multiple sheets, Dimensions, Notes. The MTO command incorporates a Fox interpreter to include the internal code in the MTO if required.

Connection Points
The command shows the welding and gasket thickness in each connection point, allowing an easy modification if required.

Alternate options in piping class
Trying to place a component for which the class specifies more than one option for the same diameter range, a selection window automatically appears, allowing selecting the required option.

This command has been enhanced to detect interferences between piping components, equipment elements and objects generated with EPLANT-STH. The interference volume for piping component is now explicitly defined into the PDL parametric definition files. For primitive equipment elements it is automatically computed by the system.

Graphic Interface
It has been enhanced incorporating new error messages with helps.

Any piping component can have now a TAG attribute to load the corresponding identification.

The name format changes, now is stored in invisible form. A command allows to automatically converting from old to new format.

The project Setup stores now a lot more parameters, allowing greater uniformity across the whole project.

Material Codes
Three different types can now be generated: Internal, External and Alternate.

Database Module
The interface has been enhanced. Equipment reports can be generated; the setup can be changed at any moment. 3D models can be checked with Diagrams.

Authorization Code
From this version on, the system needs an Authorization code that changes with the hard-lock serial number and software version.

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Last updated September 27, 2002.